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Max Otani, Deputy Director of Corrections

Max Otani, Deputy Director of Corrections


On behalf of all the dedicated staff that works here, I also want to welcome you to the Hawaii Department of Public Safety Corrections’ website. Hopefully you will find this site helpful and find the answers to your questions.

Please know that the department’s professional staff is dedicated individuals promoting public safety through corrections management that provides safe custody and evidence-based practices to prepare inmates and detainees for community re-entry. It is our vision to create a safe and secure environment where inmates and detainees become assets to the community while reducing recidivism, changing behavior and reforming lives.

Thank you for your interest in our department.

Max N. Otani

About the Corrections Division

Jails – The department oversees the following four jails: Hawaii Community Correctional CenterKauai Community Correctional CenterMaui Community Correctional Center, and Oahu Community Correctional Center.

Hawaii jails provide for the secure incarceration of our pretrial and very short-term sentence misdemeanant population. Jails are locally situated on each major island. The jails also provide for the transitional sentence felon population, those who have almost completed their felony sentences, and are returning to the community. Our jail population consists of both male and female inmates.

Prisons – The department oversees the following three prisons: Halawa Correctional FacilityWaiawa Correctional Facility, Kulani Correctional Facility and the Women’s Community Correctional Center. All three of these prisons are located on the island of Oahu.

One facility houses Hawaii inmates on the mainland:

Saguaro Correctional Center

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