HCF Virtual Tour

The Halawa Correctional Facility (HCF) is made up of two separate facilities: a special needs facility and a medium security facility. The special needs facility opened in 1962, as the City and County of Honolulu’s Halawa Jail, and transferred to the State of Hawaii in 1977. The special needs facility houses maximum and closed custody inmates, inmates with severe/chronic mental illness who cannot be placed in the general population and inmates who require protective custody.

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To see a 360 degree view of the rooms pictured simply put your mouse on the picture, click and drag it from left to right and watch the room rotate.

Halawa Main Street
This is Halawa Correctional Facility’s Main Street. It stretches the length of the facility and leads to housing, programs and other services.

Halawa Correctional Facility
Outside visitation area including new partitions

Halawa Correctional Facility
New visitation room with partitions

Halawa Law Library
Inmates have full access to the law library.

Halawa Education Room
The education room is used for a broad range of education classes, substance abuse treatment and sex offender treatment services.

Halawa Sewing Shop
Hawaii Correctional Industries employs Halawa inmates to help sew uniforms, bedding, mattresses, linens and other items.

Halawa Furniture Shop
Hawaii Correctional Industries employs Halawa inmates to create custom wood work, build wooden furniture, reupholster and refurbish furniture.