Kauai Community Correctional Center

3-5351 Kuhio Highway (map)
Lihue, HI 96766
Phone: (808) 241-3050, ext. 244
Fax: (808) 241-3059

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PHONE SERVICE UPDATE: Interstate (long distance) collect calling service to the continental United States has been switched to a new provider. For more on the service switch click here.


The Kauai Community Correctional Center (KCCC) is a 130-bed facility. In addition to its jail functions, KCCC offers education, substance abuse treatment, religious counseling, cultural arts, and work furlough programs.

KCCC offers sentenced felons an opportunity to participate in its Lifetime Stand Program, which provides a structured, paramilitary regimen of marching, drill exercises, physical training, education, and community outreach. The Lifetime Stand Program stresses discipline, perseverance, work ethic, and personal responsibility.

In addition to in-facility worklines, KCCC community service worklines provide a labor force on numerous projects for county and non-profit organizations. KCCC’s vegetable farm maintained by inmates, with products used by KCCC’s food services unit. Excess vegetables are donated to community organizations such as senior centers.