News Releases

RELEASE – WCCC ext furlough Fernhurst Rosa Demile 10.14.19

RELEASE – MCCC court custody failure to return Robert Kealoha-Kaawuwai 10.8.19

RELEASE Hale Nani Bryce Feary 10.1.19

RELEASE -OCCC fence restoration visitor parking 9.26.19

RELEASE – Director Espinda statement re MK news conference 9.13.19

RELEASE -MCCC Added Visitation Schedule 8.20.19

NEWS RELEASE – Christopher Campos return to OCCC 8-12-19

RELEASE -Sheriffs search Christopher Campos 8.11.19

RELEASE – Arrest KCCC Escape Isaiah Pongasi-Adric Jeffrey Kelekoma Jr missing 8.7.19

RELEASE – OCCC Mod 20 Walkaway Kevin Mercado Nardo 8.7.19