HCCC and Hale Nani Virtual Tour

The Hawaii Community Correctional Center (HCCC) is a 226-bed facility located on two sites. The primary facility is situated on three acres in downtown Hilo. HCCC’s reintegration program, Hale Nani, is located five miles away in the Panaewa.

Hale Nani offers offenders reintegration services and a work release program for sentenced inmates who will be released on the island of Hawaii. HCCC also contracts transitional community residential program services for female offenders.

Work opportunities are available through in-facility worklines and Correctional Industries. Inmates are also able to participate in community service worklines for county, state, and non-profit organizations.

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HCCC Law Library

HCCC Education Room

HCCC Housing Module

Hale Nani Outside

Hale Nani Housing