This information is as of Monday, August 3, 2020. In our continuing efforts to keep the public informed, Hawaii Paroling Authority (HPA) previously set up a COVID-19 virus public information access hotline at 1 (808) 253-1642 to relay general information regarding the operational hours of the HPA, hearings information, and other public information related to this agency. The hotline is meant to relay information only. No messages can be recorded.

Presently parole hearings continue to be conducted for all facilities including those out of state via video or telephonic conferencing. For those facilities where in person hearings will be held, all of PSD’s entrance screening protocols must be followed to gain entry to participate in the hearings. During in person hearing, appropriate social distancing and PPE masks will be required to be worn by parties pursuant to PSD’s policy.

All offenders previously tentatively granted release on parole will continue to be processed for release pursuant to the individual release requirements established by the parole board during their parole hearing.

Further, all HPA offices statewide continue to be open daily (Monday – Friday) from 7:45am to 4:30pm except for those Federal and State Holidays or as ordered by the Governor.

Modified procedures regarding public access to our offices will remain in place for now. Each office has signage posted informing visitors about the temporary restrictions, which are designed to ensure the continued health and safety of our staff and those that visit our offices. All regular telephone lines remain operational. Please call 1 (808) 253-1642 to receive recorded updates. We continue to encourage everyone to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones during this continuing public health emergency. Check various public service announcements regarding the COVID-19 virus and the steps being taken and implemented by local, State, and Federal government. Thank you.

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