This information as of Monday, October 3, 2022:
Presently, the Hawaii Paroling Authority (HPA) continue to conduct parole hearings in-person for all correctional facilities and hold hearings for those out of state via video or telephonic conferencing. For those facilities where in-person hearings will be held, all of PSD’s entrance screening protocols must be followed to gain entry to participate in the hearings. During in-person hearings, appropriate social distancing and PPE masks will be required to be worn by parties pursuant to PSD’s policy.
With the decline of positive COVID-19 infections in the community, as well as, within the facilities, HPA has suspended the COVID-19 vaccination requirement as a condition of parole effective August 19, 2022. This applies to all inmates previously granted parole on a Chair to Set basis.
Further, all HPA offices statewide continue to be open daily (Monday – Friday) from 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, except for those Federal and State holidays or as ordered by the Governor. For any information, please call the main line (808) 587-1300.
Modified procedures regarding public access to our offices will remain in place for now. Each office has signage posted informing visitors about the temporary restrictions, which are designed to ensure the continued health & safety of our staff and those that visit out offices. Thank you.

HPA Administrative Rules Chapter 23-700

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