MCCC Virtual Tour

The Maui Community Correctional Center (MCCC) is located on approximately 7 acres. In addition to housing pre-trial detainees, MCCC provides reintegration programs to sentenced felons and parole violators who will be released on Maui.

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To see a 360 degree view of the rooms pictured simply put your mouse on the picture, click and drag it from left to right and watch the room rotate.

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MCCC Law Library
Inmates have full access to the law library.

Hallway leading to housing modules, programs and other services.

MCCC Visitation Room
This room is used for weekend visits with family members who are on an approved visitation list.

MCCC Intake Sally Port and Front Entrance
This is where visitors first enter the facility. This walkway leads to the Administration entrance and visitation centers.

(there are three views around the front and side)