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Oahu Community Correctional CenterThe Hawaii Department of Public Safety (PSD) provides correctional and law enforcement services to Hawaii’s communities with professionalism, integrity, and fairness. With increasingly aged and obsolete correctional facilities, PSD is proposing to modernize existing facilities where feasible and construct new institutions to replace others where necessary. Among the priority projects is replacement of the Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC). A new OCCC will employ the latest cost-savings technologies, allow PSD to better meet the needs of the offender population, and provide for the continued safety and security of offenders, staff and the public. With the planning process well underway, this page will be regularly updated with current information regarding the OCCC project, public outreach activities, and milestones and accomplishments.


Hawaii Department of Public Safety
Toni Schwartz Public Information Officer[email protected]808-587-1358
Tessie V. Fernandez, ASOAdministrative Services Office[email protected]808-587-1236
Wayne J. TakaraChief Planner[email protected]808-587-3463
Harold B. AlejandroCIP Coordinator[email protected]808-587-1239
Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services
Joseph M. EaringChief, Planning Branch[email protected]808-586-0486
Brian S. IsaSection Head, Planning Branch[email protected]808-586-0484
Lance Y. Maja, PEProject Coordinator, Planning Branch[email protected]808-586-0483
Architects Hawaii, Ltd.
Bettina Mehnert, FAIA, LEED APChief Executive Officer/President[email protected]808-523-9636
Katie Stephens, AIAProject Manager[email protected]808-523-9636


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Reports and Studies

Date/TimeDate Added
OCCC Phase 2 - future AQS site Soil Screening report 11.16.2111/16/2021
Hazardous Material Survey Report 10.6.2110/20/2021
OCCC RFI Process August 20218/9/2021
OCCC Population Forecast Final Report August 20218/9/2021
Soil Screening Survey Report2/22/2021
Final Hazmat Report2/22/2021
Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Exploration2/22/2021
OCCC Master Plan Report Volume 1: Master Plan Report1/26/2021
OCCC Master Plan Report Volume 2: Appendices A-H1/26/2021
OCCC Master Plan Report Volume 3: Appendices I-K1/26/2021
AQS Project Development Report1/26/2021
Annual OCCC Status Report - 202012/23/2020
Approved PRU permit for new OCCC in Halawa6/1/2020
Final Environmental Impact Statement7/10/2018
Volume 1 (Appendix A – Appendix F)7/10/2018
Volume 2 (Appendix G – Appendix L)7/10/2018
Volume 3 (Appendix M – Appendix T) Part 17/10/2018
Volume 3 (Appendix M – Appendix T) Part 27/10/2018
Volume 4 (Appendix U – Appendix Z)7/10/2018
Volume 5 (Appendix A-1) Part 1 7/10/2018
Volume 6 (Appendix A-1) Part 27/10/2018
Draft Environmental Impact Statement11/8/2017
Volume 1 (Appendix A – Appendix F)11/8/2017
Volume 2 (Appendix G – Appendix L)11/8/2017
Volume 3 (Appendix M – Appendix T)11/8/2017
Volume 4 (Appendix U – Appendix Z)11/8/2017
OCCC Siting Study Update Report 6.21.176/21/2017
Outreach History5/2/2017
OCCC Town Hall Meeting Presentation (April 24, 2017)4/27/2017
Site Offer Form2/7/2017
OCCC Replacement Progress Report to the Legislature Appendices2/1/2017
OCCC Replacement Progress Report to the Legislature2/1/2017
OCCC Replacement Progress Report to the Legislature Cover Letter2/1/2017
OCCC Financing Workshop – Explanation of Alternative Financing Methods1/4/2017
OCCC Public Scoping Summary12/21/2016
Tech Memo 2 – OCCC Siting Criteria11/18/2016
OCCC Public Scoping Meeting Documents and Comments10/20/2016
EISPN Replacement of Oahu Community Correctional Center9/23/2016
Tech Memo 1 – OCCC Search Area 8/24/2016
Site Offer Form 8/15/2016

Outreach History




(Additional Questions – March 2021)

FAQ for OCCC Animal Quarantine Site tenants, June 2020

(Updated and Revised – November 8, 2021)


(Updated and Revised – June 16, 2020)


(Updated and Revised – May 19, 2017)


(Updated and Revised – February 23, 2017)



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NameDate Updated
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 38 - November 2021 11/8/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 37 - October 2021 10/8/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 36 - September 2021 9/14/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 35 - August 2021 8/16/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 34 - July 2021 7/23/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 33 - June 2021 6/25/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 32 - May 2021 5/19/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 31 - Apr. 2021 4/26/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 30 - Mar. 2021 3/29/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 29 - Feb. 2021 2/26/2021
OCCC RFI - Response to Questions2/23/2021
OCCC Phase 2 - Webinar slides2/10/2021
Request for Interest – New Oahu Community ,20212/9/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 28 - Jan. 20212/1/2021
OCCC RFI TransmittalCorrectional Center Information Webinar - February 9 1/29/2021
OCCC RFI Final January 29, 20211/29/2021
OCCC Newsletter Vol 27, December 202012/23/2020
OCCC Newsletter Vol 26, November 202011/25/2020
OCCC Newsletter Vol 25, October 202010/9/2020
OCCC Additional Studies Handout September 20209/23/2020
OCCC Jails vs Prisons Handout w matrix August 202009/23/2020
OCCC Current Project Activities July 27, 20207/29/2020
OCCC ACA Handout 12-09-197/29/2020
OCCC Newsletter Vol 24, June 20206/16/2020
OCCC Newsletter Vol 23, July 20197/12/2019
OCCC Newsletter Vol 22, December 201812/12/2018
OCCC Newsletter Vol 21, November 201811/5/2018
OCCC Newsletter Vol 20, July 20187/11/2018
OCCC Newsletter Vol 19, May 20186/4/2018
Draft EIS Town Hall Meeting Summary4/30/2018
OCCC Newsletter Vol 18, February 20182/27/2018
OCCC Newsletter Vol 17, January 20182/5/2018
OCCC Newsletter Vol 16, December 201712/11/2017
NEWS RELEASE – Town Hall Meeting Held on OCCC Draft EIS 11.30.1711/30/2017
OCCC Town Hall Presentation 11.29.1711/30/2017
Important Draft EIS Links Flyer 11.29.1711/30/2017
OCCC Town Hall Save the Date Flyer11/30/2017
NEWS RELEASE – Governor Ige announces Animal Quarantine Station preferred location for new OCCC 11.8.17 11/8/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 15, November 201711/8/2017
WCCC – Proposed Renovation/Expansion Planning10/11/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 14, August 20178/23/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 13, July 20177/17/2017
NEWS RELEASE - OCCC Siting Study Update Report Released 6.21.176/21/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 12, June 20176/16/17
Planning for the Future of OCCC Town Hall Meeting (Olelo TV) – April 24, 20175/24/17
OCCC Newsletter Vol 11, May 20175/5/2017
Future of OCCC – Hawaii News Now live interview #1 at 6 a.m. (April 26, 2017)4/27/2017
Future of OCCC – Hawaii News Now live interview #2 at 6:30 a.m. (April 26, 2017)4/27/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 10, April 20174/12/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 9, March 20173/7/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 8, February 20172/1/2017
NEWS RELEASE - OCCC Replacement Progress Report Submitted to Legislature2/1/2017
Notice of Informational Briefing to Legislature1/30/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol 7, January 20171/20/2017
OCCC Redevelopment Discussion January Neighborhood Board Schedule1/4/2017
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 6, December 201612/14/2016
What is the difference between a prison and a jail?11/21/2016
NEWS RELEASE - Possible OCCC relocation sites identified, under consideration11/21/2016
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 5, November 201611/21/2016
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 4, October 201610/5/2016
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 3, September 2016 Print9/22/2016
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 2, August 20168/24/2016
OCCC Newsletter Vol. 1, July 20168/15/2016