WCF Virtual Tour

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The Waiawa Correctional Facility (WCF) is a 334-bed, minimum-security prison for sentenced male inmates. WCF provides an environment that helps inmates successfully re-enter the community from prison. All inmates participate in education or substance abuse treatment programs.

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To see a 360 degree view of the rooms pictured simply put your mouse on the picture, click and drag it from left to right and watch the room rotate.

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WCF Administration Area
Once cleared at the front gate, the road leads to the Administrative buildings.

WCF Visitation Area
This pavillion is used for weekend visits with family members who are on an approved visitation list

WCF Education Classroom
Many programs aimed at providing inmate with educational, nutrition, religion, substance abuse counseling and sex offender treatment are held in the education room like these at the Waiawa Correctional Facility.

WCF Computer Classroom
Many programs aimed at providing inmate with advanced education and job skills are held in the computer classroom at the Waiawa Correctional Facility.

WCF Law Library
Inmates have full access to the law library.

The WCF has 240 beds in dorm-style buildings that are devoted to KASHBOX, an intensive residential substance abuse treatment program for inmates with serious substance abuse problems. Inmates in KASHBOX go to classes every day to learn how to control impulses and make better decisions.

KASHBOX Classroom

KASHBOX Dorm Common Area


WCF Hydroponics and Farm
This is a look at the Waiawa Hydroponics Program. Inmates grow, on average 1,800 pounds of produce every month through the Hydroponics system. Their farm cultivates 2,000 to 3,000+ pounds of produce per week and routinely harvests over 10,000+ pounds of produce per month. The produce is used in their kitchen as well as share with other facilities. It can also be sold the the general public through the Hawaii Correctional Industries (www.HawaiiCI.org).