WCCC Virtual Tour

WCCC is the only women’s prison in Hawaii. It also serves the needs of pre-trial and sentenced female offenders. The facility houses female offenders who are of maximum, medium and minimum custody levels. WCCC offers a 50-bed gender responsive, substance abuse therapeutic community called Ke Alaula.

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To see a 360 degree view of the rooms pictured simply put your mouse on the picture, click and drag it from left to right and watch the room rotate.

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WCCC Visitation Room
This room is used for weekend visits with family members who are on an approved visitation list.

WCCC Video Production and Editing Room
This is where some of the women help local cable programming with video production and editing of special projects. The women will go out and help shoot special events for the local cable television stations.

WCCC Courtyard
There is a courtyard similar to this in each of the women’s cottages. This is where special events, meetings and recreation time are held.

WCCC Dining Hall
This is the cafeteria in one of the women’s cottages.

WCCC Olomana Cottage (housing module)
This is one of the women’s cottages (housing modules).  

Inside the Olomana Cottage (dorm setting)

WCCC Maunawili Cottage (housing module)
This is the Maunawili Cottage (housing module).

WCCC Education Room
The education rooms are used for parenting and educational classes, domestic violence treatment, employment and substance abuse programs.

WCCC Law Library
Inmates have full access to the law library.

Women’s Hydroponics Farm and Garden
With the help of a non-profit organization called Outdoor Circle, the women learn to grow food through a hydroponics system. They also grow many varieties of plants which are sold by Outdoor Circle to raise money for the farming and gardening program at WCCC.

WCCC Gazebo and Yard
The outdoor gazebo and yard are used for family events and other outside gatherings at WCCC.